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    Water softener salt pellets can be used in softener brine tanks and are compatible with softener components and resins. Potassium chloride pellets are compressed contain a minimum of 98.1% potassium chloride and are virtually water soluble. Solar salt .

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    If so, then you may have a problem known as a salt bridge. A salt bridge is a situation in which the salt forms a surface crust spanning the water in the brine tank. Viewed from above, it may look like a normal layer of salt pellets, but this crust is on the surface only—below it is open space.

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    Winter doesn't pull punches and neither should you. Let calcium chloride pellets do the backbreaking work for you. Our ice melt uses exothermic heat strong enough to cut through thick snow and ice accumulations. No shovel required. What's great about calcium chloride is that the pellets are colorless odorless and ... More + Product Details Close