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    John F. Kennedy. In the 1960 presidential election, Kennedy narrowly defeated Republican opponent Richard Nixon, who was the incumbent Vice President. At age 43, he became the youngest man to be elected as U.S. president as well as being the first (and only) Roman Catholic to occupy that office.

  • The 1824 Election and the "Corrupt Bargain" [ushistory]

    The outcome of the very close election surprised political leaders. The winner in the all-important Electoral College was Andrew Jackson, the hero of the War of 1812, with ninety-nine votes. He was followed by John Quincy Adams, the son of the second president and Monroe' secretary of state, who secured eighty-four votes. Meanwhile Crawford trailed well behind with just forty-one votes.

  • John Hickenlooper Drops 2020 Presidential Campaign ...

    Aug 15, 2019 · John Hickenlooper, former governor of Colorado, has reportedly decided to end his presidential campaign after failing to gain traction in either of the first two Democratic debates. Hickenlooper will Former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper has decided to end his 2020 Presidential campaign and may focus on a U.S. Senate seat in Colorado instead

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    Sep 23, 2006 · President-elect Kennedy acceptance of the 1960 election returns. November 9, 1960. The election was Nov. 8, 1960.