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  • Why has Africa fallen behind the rest of the world's ...

    Aug 04, 2014 · Africa has fallen behind because its people, despite their historical abilities in science, have not done this in an organised manner. The more the western world was able to .

  • Counting the World Cup benefits - Brand South Africa

    The social and economic benefits created by hosting the 2010 Fifa World Cup will continue to benefit South Africa long after the final whistle. Green Point Stadium, one of the stadiums purpose built for the World Cup, close to completion.

  • Why Did Europe Colonize Africa? | Reference

    Why Did Europe Colonize Africa? The primary reason for European colonization of Africa was capitalism. European nations saw opportunity for new trade routes and potential wealth in some of Africa's natural resources. The geographical limitations of Europe were also a factor.

  • Did Colonialism benefit or harm Africa? - Quora

    , A Cameroonian dude who likes technology and politics. It is complex to access the benefit or the harm of colonialism whether it is in Africa or elsewhere. Colonisation has been the norm for centuries and it took the West two world wars to understand that colonial aspirations were .

  • Geography of Africa - Wikipedia

    Rivers. The main drainage of the continent is to the north and west, or towards the basin of the Atlantic Ocean. To the main African rivers belong: Nile (the longest river of Africa), Congo (river with the highest water discharge on the continent) and the Niger, which flows half of its length through the arid areas.

  • What were the positive effects of the colonialism in ...

    The advantages of colonialism to Africa are as; It stopped Islamic raiding of Africa. Perhaps by this time without Western slavery and Colonialism, we will be vastly Islamised.

  • Africa: Human Geography | National Geographic Society

    Africa: Human Geography. Geographers are especially interested in migration as it relates to the way goods, services, social and cultural practices, and knowledge are spread throughout the world. Two other migration patterns, the Bantu Migration and the African slave .

  • China's Investments in Africa: What's the Real Story ...

    Is China exploiting Africa for its natural resources, ... but they literally are interested in other ways of doing business. ... there is much reason to hope for continued economic benefits to ...

  • 10 Interesting Facts About South Africa | WhatThaFact

    One of my most fun & interesting facts about South Africa is about the cape wine lands region is called the Route 62. It is the longest wine route in the world. There is also a brandy route that is coming up nearby. The route is 850km long and stretches from Cape Town to Port Elizabeth. They have around 560 wineries and 4400 primary producers.

  • China's Increasing Interest in Africa: Benign but Hardly ...

    Apr 05, 2013 · On the positive side, China's economic engagement in Africa has created significant benefits for African countries. Most importantly, Beijing has considerable capacity and willingness to .