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  • Cuban Sugar, Part Two - History of Cuba

    Military Occupation. Post also served as vice president of the Cuban American Sugar Company, which owned a number of sugar mills in the island. He also held other positions in the Cuban sugar industry, such as president of the New Niguero Sugar Company, president of the Guantánamo Sugar Company, director of the Chaparra Railroad Company,...

  • The ghost towns left behind by Cuba's shuttered sugar mills

    The people's council of Gregorio Arleé Mañalich, in the western province of Mayabeque, is better known as el Central, which means sugar mill in Cuban Spanish. However, sugar harvest isn't talked about there anymore. Twelve years ago, production at the mill was halted, and then came the dismantling. Piece by piece, the mill was taken apart until there was nothing more than steel infrastructure and concrete. .

  • Cuban Sugar, Part One - History of Cuba

    Thus, the first sugar mills were set up very close to the municipal limits and were owned by the wealthiest and most influential colonists." Centrales, Colonos and the Zafra. In the 1880s the production of sugar in Cuba was reorganized to account for a new economic system that included the end of slavery. An intermediate class of planters emerged, often referred to as colonos.

  • Sugar Mills in Cuba Part 5 - International Steam

    99% of visitors visit just 4 mills in this area, 503, 504, 515 and 522. Reports from other mills, even those which still use steam are few and far between and many references are to 1996 and may actually be earlier. There is a good general area map of Ciego covering these 4 mills in WS 120 and updated system maps in more recent editions.

  • Cuba's sugar mills get new lease of life - BBC News

    May 22, 2013 · Cuba's sugar mills get new lease of life. Silent for seven years, the town's sugar mill has been given a new lease of life. Sugar was Cuba's biggest export until the 1990s, providing half a million jobs. But when the Soviet market disappeared and the world sugar price sank, almost two-thirds of the island's mills had to close.

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