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  • Jade Plant - Crassula Ovata - Caring And Advice

    The Jade plant is also known as the money plant which is a very popular houseplant. Scientific names: Crassula argentea, C.ovata, and C.portulacea Toggle navigation

  • How Much Will One Acre of Tomato Plants Yield? | Hunker

    Tomato harvests are counted by the number of 25-pound cartons. On average, one acre of tomatoes will produce slightly more than 1,500 25-pound cartons, or 37,500 pounds of red, ripe fruit. About 5,000 tomato plants are required to meet this number.

  • How to Determine How Much Water Plants Need: 15 Steps

    Jul 16, 2019 · Step 1, Provide water based on the native environment of the plant. Determine where the plant grows in the wild. Then, provide water based on that environment or ecosystem. For example, if a plant is native to a tropical region and you live in a semi-arid environment, you'll need to provide a lot more water to it than to plants that are native to your region.[1] If you're in a dry location (like ...Step 2, Soak .