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    In total, Bellmer has more than 7,000 reference plants around the world. For instance, we are active in the mineral oil industry, the cement, and glass industry as well as in the field of flue gas desulphurization, waste fermenting, pressing of grease, soil drainage, sandpits and many more.

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    Chemical Desulphurization Hydrogen sulfide and siloxane related problems in biogas production plants lead to the implementation of desulfurization unit. Among different available desulfurization technologies of AAT, its chemical desulfurization benefits a high H 2 S removal capacity so that it can remove up to 99% of the content.

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    Desulfurization refers to the industrial process of removing sulfur from a mineral resource mixture such as crude oil. It predominantly involves a gas-purification industrial procedure used to remove hydrogen sulfide (H 2 S) and carbon dioxide (CO 2) from a given mineral resource. Desulphurization may...

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    The Canadian Institute of Mining, Metallurgy and Petroleum is the leading not-for-profit technical society of professionals in the Canadian minerals, metals, materials and energy industries. With over 120 years of history and more than 10,000 members nationally and internationally, being a member has its benefits.

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