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    Soybeans are the seed of a legume (Glycine max) native to East Asia, and have historically been an important source of protein and oil.Large industrial farms dominate the soy production process today. Currently, the largest soy producing countries are the USA, Brazil and Argentina, comprising 80% of the global soy production of 270 million tonnes annually.

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    Soybean meal is down $3.50/ton, with soy oil down 32 points. US and China did agree to trade talks set for early October, which the trade mostly ignored. The trade range of estimates for old crop soybean sales are a net reduction of 150,000 to sales of 100,000 MT. New crop soybean bookings are seen at 200,000-600,000 MT.

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    Jan 12, 2018 · Soya bean pests include bean fly, bean aphid, mealybugs, flower thrips, false codling moth, leaf hoopers, bean bruchid, white flies. All the same the mentioned pests cause negligible loss in soya beans when identified early.

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