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    4. Stream API. When we motivate why functional programming is so powerful in Java 8, the Stream API should be emphasized. A stream in Java 8 is a sequence of elements supporting sequential and parallel aggregate operations. By using streams, we can simply pass a block of code to the stream and apply the function to each element in the stream.

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    Physical and Chemical Stream Ecology Major differences between lakes and streams How does the direction of major water movements differ between lakes, reservoirs, streams, and wetlands? How do the land forms differ to create a stream versus a lake? (Globally, .

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    21. Delayed evaluation and infinite lists in Scheme. As noticed in Chapter 19 and Chapter 20 the evaluation strategy in Scheme is the one called applicative order, cf. Section 20.6.. In contrast to normal-order reduction and lazy evaluation - as described in Section 20.6 and Section 20.11 - we can think of Scheme as eager in the evaluation of the function parameters.

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    I'll start by looking at a Python language feature that's an important foundation for writing functional-style programs: iterators. An iterator is an object representing a stream of data; this object returns the data one element at a time.

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